App for taxi booking

There is no commercial app in Serbia like in most countries so we can t order a taxi by using an app. App is going to be developed for both Android and iOS devices and there will be 2 apps - for drivers and for users.


"I hate dialing by phone to get a cab."


App is still in development phase and there is still some design tasks. Some companies are already interested to start using it.

Odma branding

Odma branding


Collaboration with product owners and developers. We haven’t done any major testing with users yet, should do it soon; what we have done is testing with drivers.

I developed design system in Figma and maintained it after getting feedbacks. Will be continually changed after testing.

Designed many proposals for logo and overall feeling of brand.



Driver logo

App logo for driver app

This app will not compete with world-known apps for commuting since people here don’t have access to it.

Actually, there are some apps we found in app store but no one whom we interviewed knew about it. So, challenge would be to market ourselves.

Driver logo

App logo for driver app

User logo

App logo for user app


Difficulty dialing taxi service in loud places. Too slow. Hate talking over phone. No able to pin location on phone call.

What we understood is the app would help people book taxi in loud environment, book it without waiting for pick up, book while doing something else, book faster.


Sketch 1

Driver app 3 first screens

Sketch 2

User app inert from crazy 8s







User app screens

User registration by phone number which enables high security and easier use.

Map, location pin, looking for destination and other similiar experiences modeled on mostly used apps to avoid high learning curve for app using.

Helpful and “pretty” words used for buttons and messages to help people’s orientation in the app.

They should always be able to go back and decline the request. Also, all needed information is supposed to be transparent.

User app screens

Taxi drivers will most likely use tablets for the app - therefore landscape look done as primary screen orientation.

Buttons should be bigger than usual because they want to do it as fast as possible and continue driving. Should test this assumption.

Full interaction study will come soon.