Wouldn't it be great if citizens of Munich understood how electromobility contributes to sustainable city?

My DPS Team - E-Movation

Team E-Movation from left to right: Dina (SE), Charles (AI), Myroslava (IxD), Kersten (PM), Meryem (AI), me (IxD)


Worked as a diverse and cross-functional team at Digital Product School by Unthernemertum in form of an internship in Munich. We iterated for 3 months on a digital product.


By applying many tools and mindsets we acquired at DPS. Eventually, we discovered people's main concern with electromobility which is the uncertainty and price. So, we created a web app which allows them to get personalized recommendation in the form of an electric car.


One automotive company from Germany acquired our code and idea to their one website.


Interaction Designer, Branding, Front-end dev


3 months - until the end of the internship

The Kickoff

As I said, our job was to help the city of Munich show their people how electromobility contributes to sustainable city which we got informed about at off-site at Spitzingsee where we met each other for the first time. Firstly we brainstormed for our team's name: E-Movation (electric + move + innovation).

After we met our "home" for the next three months another brainstorming session has began. All our peers had a chance to help other projects by writing their ideas on the whiteboard.

Kickoff whiteboard


Initial research

First pain points

We got details from our stakeholders about people's concerns about chargers, parking spots, pollution by producing BEVs, etc. It gave us a clue where to look more.

Target group

Research narrowed to both e-car and "normal" car owners, potential car buyers, and "greeners" since all of them had some issues with the subject. Afterward we discovered that people don't care about how they're going to get from point A to point B so we didn't focus on greeners.

Target group
Target group

1st presentation

Target group planning


People interviewing gave us a lot of insights about real their concerns. We interviewed people around & inside nearby car shops, in-house "car-desired" known people.

Intervew results

Interview observations

How might we

So besides interviewing, we did a public presentation about it to see what people feel, went to the car shop tried to buy an electric car - to see the process and feelings of buyers, tested e-car sharing, created an online survey, and launched it.

What we realized is that information is not a real pain so the problem is somewhere underneath it. Another ideation helped us changed our direction to HMW show car buyers that they can afford an electric car?

Lean Canvas

Lean canvas board

One tool that helped us there is Lean canvas.

Solution ideas


We took some time to put our ideas on paper and explore how far we can go with crazy ideas to develop the environment for this phase. Among many ideas, we picked the one about comparing e-cars that will show some details which can't be found easily. Later on, we joined "normal" cars to the list so people can compare budget and pollution (feature for future).


Grouped ideas

Landing page experiment

By creating a landing page we were able to test our assumptions and to see how our idea feels to people. We made both cat and shark tests where first gave us amazing results: 2.133 people saw the ad on social website and 27 clicked on it. We also posted in some groups of social media and all together we got 305 visitors. 25.57% (conversion rate) of people clicked on our CTA button and gave us the email address which showed us that we're going in the right direction because people are interested in our solution: USP: Get your first e-car and save money.

eSwitch was born

It's time to create an MVP. Storyboards, sketching and then paper prototyping (including early user-testing) were done. One of the storyboards is Michael's. He had a particular car idea he wanted to buy in mind. He can tell us about this car on our web app (we chose web app because people don't use this kind of features every day so no need for a mobile app) and we show him alternatives as electric cars that are similar mostly by price. He can see the difference in price, taxes, yearly/monthly/any time period, fuel cost, range, consumption comparison, and also savings.


Homepage and results page sketch

Car info pages

User testing insert from our promo video


Jumping to Figma

Created first wireframes and transformed the to high-fidelity designs. We made many iterations on these designs based on user inputs.

First figma iteration

1st Figma iteration

We created full user-flow for demonstration and testing.

Homepage sketch

Homepage sketch

First figma homepage iteration

1st Figma homepage iteration

First figma results iteration

1st Figma results iteration

Those are the first iterations and these are the final designs:

Final Figma homepage iteration

Final Figma homepage iteration

Final Figma results iteration

Final Figma results iteration

Final Figma comparisson iteration

Final Figma comparison iteration

eSwitch branding

Logo proposals

Some of the logo proposals

Final logo

Final logo

Final words

We accomplished amazing results by finishing this prototype's MVP and published it here. A real pleasure working with these people and I would recommend everyone (mostly) in the early-stage career to apply for this program.

E-movation team

Our team